Optician – Stephaine Aragon

At LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear & Eye Wear, Stephaine Aragon brings many years of experience in opticianry to our Denver eye clinic as the optical manager.

Meet Stephaine Aragon – Optical Manager

Stephaine Aragon is the optical manager at LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear & Eye Wear. She has over 12 years of experience in a variety of eye care roles. LoHi Eye depends on Stephaine to keep things running smoothly.

Stephaine started her opticianry career at a large corporate practice in New Mexico where she began as an optometric technician and then became an

optician. After moving to Colorado, she worked for a private eye clinic in the role of optical manager.

She transitioned to a position at a large corporate eye care chain where she quickly became the store manager. Under her leadership, the store received high ratings and Stephaine led the company numerous times as the top sales representative.

Stephaine transitioned back to private practice out of a desire to provide more personalized service to patients. One thing she loves about LoHi Eye is the ability to provide quality patient care over quantity of patients. This means she can take time needed with each patient to answer questions and address concerns.

Stephaine prioritizes customer service. In fact, her ability to connect with customers with confidence and kindness makes her invaluable to LoHi Eye. She loves helping people understand their eyes and how glasses or contacts work to correct vision issues.

She also helps maintain the daily operations to ensure our clinic runs smoothly and efficiently. While we take our time with each patient, we also know your time is valuable. This means we work hard to keep you on schedule.

Overall, Stephaine has a passion for quality eye care and customer service that builds patient loyalty and client satisfaction.

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Optician Denver

What is an optician? An optician is an eye care specialist that works with an optometrist to offer eye care assistance. While they do not hold degrees in optometry, they do have the training and experience to help fill prescriptions and manage orders.

Unlike optometrists, they cannot offer eye exams. Instead, they work alongside the eye doctor to keep the office organized and walk patients through the prescription management process.

Role of Opticians

  • Manage orders and maintain inventory of contacts and eyeglasses

  • Provide guidance to patients in frame, lens and contact lens selection

  • Confirm lens prescriptions

  • Take facial measurements for eyeglass orders

  • Adjust and repair eyeglass frames

  • Communicate with patients, including answering patient questions

Quality Customer Service

At LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear & Eye Wear, our patients receive quality customer service. Stephaine works on the front lines to ensure patient satisfaction and quality of care. As a local, Denver small business, we know service matters.

We invest in our local community and our patients. If you have any issues or questions, Stephaine is here to help. She is the heart of the clinic and works daily to build quality patient relationships based on trust and reliable care.

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