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Dr. Aaron Winstead offers the highest standard for eye care at LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear & Eye Wear in Denver. Call to schedule an appointment or stop by for a walk-in eye exam.

Meet Dr. Aaron Winstead – Optometrist

Dr. Winstead started practicing eye care as an optometrist in 2017. He earned a Doctorate of Optometry from University of Houston. He went on to complete internships at the Community Eye Clinic in Fort Worth, Texas and Cedar Springs Eye Clinic in Dallas, Texas.

He is the founder of LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear in Denver, Colorado. He decided to open a private practice eye clinic out of his passion to offer the highest standard of care. He believes personal service is the most important part of eye care.

This means Dr. Winstead takes the time needed with each patient to fully understand their eye issues. He listens to the patient’s concerns to build trust and confidence. Then he customizes patient care based on the unique concerns and diagnosis of each patient.

Dr. Winstead’s specialties include contact lens fittings and medical eye exams, including diabetic eye exams, retina and cornea disorders, disease management, and glaucoma.

In addition, he has a special interest in orthokeratology. This treatment option uses a specialty contact lens worn at night while the patient sleeps. The lenses impact the patient’s vision so that they do not need to wear corrective lenses or eyeglasses during the day.

Dr. Winstead also has an interest in practice management. He believes that the best approach to practice management includes providing the highest standards of care, unlike the approach often seen in corporate eye care providers.

He built LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear to do just that!

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Optometrist Denver

What is an optometrist? In short, an optometrist receives a doctorate of optometry which allows them to offer primary health care for eyes. Unlike ophthalmologists, which complete medical school, an optometrist cannot perform eye surgery.

However, an optometrist is highly trained and experienced in eye care treatment. Dr. Winstead is an optometrist. He offers eye care services based on his optometric education, internships, and experience.

Services Optometrists Offer

  • Comprehensive eye exams, including vision tests and contact lens exams

  • Identify and treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism

  • Provide vision therapy

  • Detect and treat diseases

  • Treat eye injuries

  • Prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses

  • Offer specialty treatments, like orthokeratology

Quality Care and Personal Service

At LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear, Dr. Winstead provides quality eye care with personal service. We are a Denver small business which means we depend on our reputation and community connection to succeed. We’re invested in building solid relationships with our patients, vendors, and community partners.

Dr. Winstead’s vision for LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear & Eye Wear means you get a small-town feel in the big city. Get the service and care you deserve at LoHi Eye.

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Dr. Winstead welcomes you to LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear!